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Are you looking for a simple, effective solution to discolored, chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth? If so, ask David Shouhed, DDS, about veneers at Smile Perfector Dental Group, serving Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile, and West Hollywood residents at the office in the Carthay neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Veneers are paper-thin tooth coverings that can restore the appearance of your smile. With veneers, the possibilities are endless. Get yours by scheduling a consultation with Smile Perfector Dental Group online or over the phone today.

Veneers Q & A

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are extremely thin, tooth-shaped shells bonded to the front of your teeth. Made from ceramic or porcelain, veneers are an easy way to enhance the appearance and improve the function of your teeth.

They do so by:

  • Covering dark stains
  • Filling in gaps between teeth
  • Hiding small cracks and chips
  • Lengthening teeth to create a uniform, even smile

Dr. Shouhed and the team at Smile Perfector Dental Group match your veneers to the shape, size, and shade of your surrounding teeth so that they look completely natural.

What is the veneers placement procedure like?

Veneer placement is a quick process that usually takes around a week. During your first visit to Smile Perfector Dental Group, your team takes an impression of your teeth to send to the dental lab.

Dr. Shouhed then prepares your teeth for veneers by removing a thin portion of enamel from each tooth you want to enhance. This ensures the veneers lay in line with the rest of your teeth and your gum tissue.

Once your teeth are ready, Dr. Shouhed protects them with temporary veneers held in place by removable glue. After about a week, your customized permanent veneers will be ready for placement.

When you come back to get your permanent veneers, Dr. Shouhed gently removes your temporary veneers and then tests your permanent veneers with a water-based attaching solution. If he needs to reshape the veneers or adjust them in any way, he does so at this time.

Once your veneers are perfect, Dr. Shouhed cleans, etches, and polishes your teeth. Finally, he places your permanent veneers and bonds them to your teeth.

Does veneers placement require any recovery time?

Veneers require a very short recovery time. After Dr. Shouhed prepares your teeth for veneers, expect them to feel sore for a few days. Likewise, after you leave Smile Perfector Dental Group with your permanent veneers in place, your teeth will likely be sore and sensitive for another few days.

To alleviate your discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication. Use a cold compress to reduce any swelling. Finally, while your teeth are still sore, only eat soft, non-sticky foods.

Veneers offer you an easy and lasting path to a dazzling smile. To learn more, reach out to Dr. Shouhed at Smile Perfector Dental Group online or over the phone today.