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Almost a quarter of the population has to deal with halitosis, or bad breath. There are multiple options that you can take to help fight against bad breath. Among those options are some greener options that can help you have better breath.

Our dentist, Dr. David Shouhed, wants to help you beat your bad breath. Additionally, our team at Smile Perfector Dental Group in Los Angeles, California, is sharing with you a few things that you can do to fight your bad breath.

Bad breath is typically caused by unwanted food particles in your mouth, or bacteria growing in your mouth. The easiest way to fight this is through brushing at least twice a day for the recommended time of at least two minutes. It is important to remember that as part of your brushing, to also spend time brushing your tongue.

Another option is to keep fresh parsley or mint. A quick chew on a small amount of fresh parsley or mint can help your breath instantly freshen up.

Drinking water throughout the day can also help fight bad breath. Saliva is a key component to fighting against bad breath as it helps break down and clean out unwanted bacteria. Drinking water can help your mouth clean out the bacteria that can cause halitosis.

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